Garibsons produces its custom brand of rice and wheat called “Mughal”. Renowned worldwide, Mughal is internationally registered and marketed successfully across 60 countries. It is available in both bulk and consumer packaging from 1 kg upto 50 kgs.

The packaging of the premium range of Mughal foods is printed on cotton, jute, paper laminated bags and PET+PE polybags, ideal for mainstream supermarkets and modern trade distribution points.

Mughal is one of the largest-selling brands in all modern trade outlets in Pakistan. These include Makro, Metro and Carrefour’s local outlets (Hyperstar). In fact, the French hypermarket chain that has supermarkets globally, Carrefour selected Garibsons as the preferred supplier for quality rice from Pakistan.

Mughal is geared towards a variety of price ranges with the simple guarantee that our rice cooks longer, is more aromatic and is a stronger grain than any brand in the same price range.

Mughal Rice is available in a range of sizes (1, 2.5, 5, 10, 20, 40, and 50 kg) and packaging (Plastic, Cotton, Non-woven, PP, Jute, and Paper Laminated) varieties.

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